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Copyriight Stokes Cycling Club 2020
16/03/2020 Coronavirus As you have no doubt heard, the government is now recommending social distancing for everyone. Whilst the very action of cycling would be good for us in terms of raising the spirits, we as a club have decided that we shall cancel all rides until further notice as there are periods when we are in close proximity with each other (e.g. ride start and refreshment stops). We will keep abreast of government advice and reinstate riding at the earliest opportunity. This period of social distancing may also make it impossible for the club to run the annual camping trip that would occur in late May. We wish you all the best and hope you all stay safe during this period. I'm sure it goes without saying, that if anyone finds themselves in need of help (e.g. getting shopping while self isolating) members will endeavor to help each other.
21/04/2020 Strava . Stokes Cycling Club now available to join on Strava. If your Strava name is different to the name used to join the Club please email me on so I am able to give you access. Please note this is for club members only
05/06/2020 Cycling UK Advice .
Link to Cycling UK Coronavirus Advice Page Link to Cycling UK Coronavirus Advice Page
23/06/2020 Covid-19 Update .
Dear Members We have had a committee meeting to review the current Cycling UK advice advertised on the 18th June. With that advice the committee have agreed we can not restart Stokes Cycling Club rides yet. As new advice becomes available we will continue to review the situation. Bryan - Chair