Your friendly local social cycling club.
Copyriight Stokes Cycling Club 2022
Frequently Asked Questions
New to cycling? Some useful information on Cycling UK website Advice for beginners | Cycling UK How do I join? You can fill in the application form and send it to the address listed on the membership page, or even better you can come on one of our rides to “Give it a go”. You're welcome to come along on two rides to see what you think before we ask you to join. If you are unable to download / print our membership form contact us via methods on the Contact Page How fast do you ride? As fast as the slowest, we do not leave anyone behind. We ride to enjoy the ride not to race. More information on our Rides Page Can children ride? Yes, children can ride with us using their own bikes, if they are old enough and capable. They can also be in a seat on a parents bike, in a trailer or on tagalongs etc. We do stipulate due to insurance rules that children under 18 must be accompanied on the ride by a parent or guardian. What shall I wear? You do not need to wear specific cycle clothing, just something comfortable and suitable for the weather. It is best not to wear jeans, as they can chafe or open toe sandals as they can get bits of grit in them from the wheels. What should I bring with me? It would be good to bring some water, especially if it is warm. Also money would be useful as we generally stop at a café for refreshment. Tools and spares can be useful, but if your are not sure most of our riders do carry tools etc and you can ask advice as what to bring / get for yourself What type bicycle is acceptable? Any type of bicycle or tricycle that is legal and roadworthy, we have members with a variety of bikes including e-bikes, recumbent tricycles, a folding bike and more. Can I leave the ride part way through? You can leave the ride at any time, we might be passing your house on the return or you might just want to go on somewhere else, all we ask is that you inform the back marker or ride leader.